Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's All the Rage on the Road This Week!

Angry Learner Drivers In Nottingham

Angry drivers looking for an easy target...

It's been a mad week of driving lessons in Nottingham. I reckon the sudden traffic build up after the school holidays combined with the rise in temperature has caused tempers to fray out there on the road. I have experienced three separate incidents of direct horn blaring and gesturing from psycho types with my pupil having done absolutely nothing wrong. The L plate has been like a red rag to a bull.
   Picture this. We're turning right on a tight road with parked cars. Not much traffic on it at the time. Pupil taking it steady and checks the bus up ahead isn't moving off. Massive blare of a horn and a mad guy giving it fingers and shaking his fist. My pupil looks worried as he screeches past and then pulls up on the right 20 yards ahead and gets out. His journey complete. As we drive passed he's yelling and waving his arms about before going into his house. We would have delayed him by about three seconds.
   In the second adventure with a different pupil we're emerging left on to a busy road. Naturally we're waiting for a proper gap instead of chancing it. Uphill as well so the move off will be slower. Blare of horn and young guy giving fingers and waving his fist about in the car behind. I turn in my seat and look at him. Now people don't realise that driving instructors do actually use the mirrors and will see what they are doing. The look of shock when you turn round is quite satisfying. the guy starts looking down and messing with the stereo. He follows us closely after emerging behind us then screeches past. Goodbye sir.
   The third one was a bit scary actually. Pupil number three is picking his way down a crowded street until we get to the give way line at the crossroads. Blare of horn. A guy in a dark Bentley is giving it hand movements. I notice he then calms down and starts pointing straight at me in a menacing fashion. I don't turn around, I see him in the mirror. He looks like a guy who might get out and kill me. We move off first opportunity.
   In all of these incidents we had done nothing wrong except being a bit on the slow side. This was just bullying plain and simple. I hope this isn't going to carry on and become the norm. As instructors we have every right to be out there going about our lawful business without being targets for other nasty types to let off steam. All we can do is be professional about it. There's no choice anyway when you've got your name on your car and people can find you. Stay safe.

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