Tuesday 5 June 2018

New Cars and Cranky Calls

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Hooray for the Financial Ombudsman. The dodgy car salesmen have been beaten.

A couple of years ago I was taken advantage of by unscrupulous car sales people who sold me a car on a PCP. They withheld important information from me the most important of which was the mileage limitations on the contract. Turns out I would be 30000 miles over the limit at the end of the contract with a whopping bill to pay. Only after I had switched the dual controls from my old car into the new car was the information placed before me just before closing time at the dealership. Too late for me to do anything without putting myself out of work. I had written about this at the time as I was very angry about it. I made a complaint to the financial ombudsman about financial misconduct and was fortunate to have enough evidence to support my case.
  A couple of years later and I am pleased to say that the management has changed at the dealership with a much more professional crew steering the ship. I went in there a few months back and managed to get in touch with the branch manager who took my complaint seriously and we began talking. I had all the excess mileage charges waived and dual controls fitted to the new car free of charge which saved me over £2000. The new PCP contract seems to make sense so I'm now back on track. Apart from a dodgy sensor which occasionally tells me the rear tyre is going down when it isn't the new car is fantastic. This will be my 5th Skoda Fabia in a row. All has ended well.
  On a totally different note there must be driving instructors out there who receive the odd crank call now and again as I have done recently. I get some guy ringing up at all hours of the night just saying my name over and over again. Spooky voicemails greet me in the morning. I  blocked the number but the voicemails still come through now and again which is a bit strange. Some person texted recently asking for driving lessons and when I couldn't fit him in immediately he started messaging me asking if I was from Grindr and using acronyms I didn't understand. Another number blocked from my phone. Hazards of having your phone number publicly available I suppose.
  Anyway with some luck the time of problem solving is over and it's time to enjoy another busy hard working summer. We can go out on the motorway now which should be fun. All the best to driving instructors and learners out there. Just keep rolling along.