Sunday 14 September 2014

How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?

Become a safe driver

How long is a piece of string?

People always ask how many driving lessons they will need to get a licence. This question is impossible to answer. They never ask how many lessons it will take to become a good driver or a safe driver which shows where the real priorities lie for most people. Parents who passed years ago after 10 lessons don't really help matters as they expect their kids to do the same without realising how much driving has changes over the years and that the test has changed in accordance with modern driving.
   A couple of case histories about someone who passed quickly and another who took a long time usually does the trick. To pass in fewer lessons a person will need to have some natural driving ability. This becomes apparent on the first lesson. If a new driver can move the gear stick and operate the clutch smoothly then that are in for an easier time than someone who is lacking in manual dexterity. A good memory for procedures is handy as well as a willingness to put in some extra study in between lessons.
   Parental support is a big factor. The learner who can get private practice with friends or relatives will need fewer lessons and receive a big boost to their confidence. I think the confidence gained outweighs any bad habits or negative attitudes that might be picked up so it's always something I encourage. These things can always be put right anyway.
   At the other end of the scale there are people who have very little in-car experience even as a passenger. They look at the dashboard like it's the cockpit of an alien spacecraft and have difficulty handling the controls with any degree of finesse. Some folks haven't even ridden a bicycle so there are hardly any reference points we can use to begin teaching. Now we're looking at a person who will need more lessons.
   There is a certain pressure on driving instructors to get people through the test in the minimum number of lessons in order to keep costs down. I find that if the pupil is made aware of their progress and each lesson is well structured then this pressure disappears. Learners relax and are willing to take a reasonable number of lessons if they see that they need them to become safer drivers. A mock test at the right time can really put things into perspective.
  I always tell people that they will be driving for decades so what does a few more lessons now matter? Money spent learning to drive safely is money well spent in my book and will reap rewards with a safe and long driving career. Fewer insurance claims and prangs means less financial outlay and driving smoothly means your car will last longer and need fewer repairs. It's win win all the way.

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