Monday, 21 September 2015

Driving Lessons and Justice For All


It's all come up roses in the end.

I had written a few posts recently about being mis-sold a PCP by my local dealership. I informed then I was a driving instructor with a annual mileage of 35000. The PCP plan had a much lower mileage allowance of 20000 which would incur significant costs when it came to trade in time. After complaining to the dealership and the finance company I presented my case to the Financial Ombudsman which seems to have done the trick.
  I was contacted by the dealership and arranged to go in for a meeting to discuss the complaint. I expected to come away empty handed but was very surprised when I got there. The culprits were no longer at the dealership and had been replaced by some new guys. I spoke to the new branch and sales managers who were very nice. They began by apologising for the fact that I had to go through the hassle of sending the complaint around before reaching the Ombudsman which brought it to their attention. They admitted that the plan had been mis-sold and was not suitable for my needs.
  After some discussion it was agreed that after a couple of years the car would be valued for trade in as if it only had the allowed 40000 miles on it and the difference between that and it's value with the actual mileage would be covered by the dealership. I can now do as many miles as I like without penalty which is a huge weight off my mind. They also agreed to pay for the dual controls fitting to the next car which will save me a bit. I thought that was a good and proper deal.
   It appears that the other guys who mis-sold me the plan had been suspected of irregularities and had been removed. Now they have a proper case they can do something about it and find out what was really going on. I  now realise it was not the whole company that was to blame but just a few individuals. Makes me glad I didn't start anything on the internet which would have got them bad press. I did find their internal complaints a bit soft though. I expected more from the finance company but all's well that ends well.
   On a lighter note I drove through central London last weekend and it nearly made my brain explode. I'd hate to be in a rush and have to get through that lot. Lights went red then green then red again and nothing was moving except aggressive taxis and mad cyclists. I felt so proud when I got to Brixton and saw the Trailer Park Boys doing their thing live. Had to drive back through near midnight and the city did look spectacular from the insane traffic jam we were in. It's an interesting life innit?

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