Sunday 12 January 2014

My Poor Alloy Wheels.

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My tyres have had a beating too...

It's been one of those weeks where my tyres and wheels have taken some serious punishment. There's nothing like the sound of your alloy wheels scraping along a high kerb to set your teeth on edge. Getting out of the car to inspect the damage that's been inflicted is always a bit of a downer.
   When a bunch of new learner drivers have started it's something I need to watch out for until moving off and stopping has been mastered. It can happen with more experienced pupils I don't expect it from and that's when most scrapes occur. 
   One little technique I like to use is to help learners judge the distance to the kerb is to guide them in by helping with the steering wheel. When the car has stopped in a good position, look at how the kerb comes to meet the car. Pick a spot on the wiper blade where the kerb meets it. You can use this as a sight. When the car moves in towards the kerb, you will see the kerb move from left to right across the bonnet. When it gets to the position you have chosen you know it's close enough.
   it's been a bad week for the tyres being run over debris as well. The gutters have been chock full of nasty bits of wood, cartons and bottles. New learners tend to stare at things and end up hitting rather than avoiding them. Try not to look directly at things you want to avoid but look at the space you want to drive into. Over and out.

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