Sunday 5 January 2014

They're Braking My Heart...

driving lessons Mapperley Nottingham

Missing driving lessons is not a good thing.

Had my car serviced the other day. Nothing wrong with it just the brake pads getting a bit low. Now I must confess that last time I let the brake pads get way too low until they made the awful scraping sound. Easily done when you're busy but I wouldn't want to do that again.
   this time I thought I'd get them changed in good time. Instead of taking the car to the main dealer I took it to another reputable garage who would be a bit cheaper. Or so I thought. After leaving the car I walked home to print out a money saving voucher and then went back.
   In the process of getting to the brake pads they had removed two bolts, shearing the threads in the process. it would require new parts to put right which I was expected to pay for. Alternatively I could wait a couple of days and they would repair the old part for free. What's an instructor to do?
   If I waited I risked missing a driving test which is a nightmare for the pupil so this was not an option. I coughed up over £200 and had a day off work while they did the replacement job. Should I have just taken the car to the main dealer in the first place? Who knows. I lost some cash and a day of work but you live and learn. I'll chalk it up to experience and at least my pupil will do his test tomorrow. Job done.

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