Wednesday 29 January 2014

The Misery of Driving Lesson Cancellations


There is the matter of the driving instructor's fee...

It's always a pain when a pupil decides to cancel a driving lesson at the last minute. Often the reason is for cancelling is totally legit but this still does not cover the time that the driving school has lost. Hence the charging of cancellation fees if not enough notice is given.
   Some pupils take being charged really badly. This is understandable as nobody likes to lose money and think they are being ripped off. Especially me. That's why it's important that terms and conditions are made known to the pupil at the very start so we all know where we stand. If a pupil books two hours and on the day decides they only need one then both hours have to be paid for. I can't be sitting at home all day writing blogs like I am right now.
   Any industry where you book things has some sort of cancellation policy. If I book a hotel room and then don't show up on the day then I will have to pay for the room. Ever hear of a concert ticket being refunded cos your car broke down on the way to the gig? Of course you haven't. 
   Driving instructors who don't charge last minute cancellations fees are asking to be let down. I allow 24 hours notice which should be enough if you will definitely need to cancel. If people refuse to pay then they must find a different instructor. I'm not out to grab money I don't deserve but at the same time there must be some protection for those who book people in and are then let down. Let fairness reign.

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