Saturday 1 February 2014

I've Got Me Some New Rubber

safe tyres on Nottingham driving school cars

Keeping it legal when it comes to tyres

I went out early this morning and bought a new pair of front tyres for my driving school car. Thought I'd stay ahead of the game this time. Like a lot of people I want to get the most out of everything I buy so waiting until my tyres were almost at the legal limit was something I used to do every time.
  Not any more though. I've been caught short a couple of times when the snow came and things got a bit nervy when learners started to skid a little when stopping. My tyres were legal but did not have enough tread to grip properly. Especially with some of the harsh braking that learner drivers do. I had to do a quick trip to see my tyre man to put things right.
   Once I took my car in to the garage for it's service and when I came back the garage guy had refused to take the car out on the road because my tyres were bald. Nonsense I thought. The car had only been out on a driving test that morning and they looked fine to me. Upon turning the wheels to the side and having a look I could see that the inside edges were worn baby smooth. I was well surprised and to this day always check the inside edges.
   Same thing happened years ago with my old Escort. Snow came and I wondered why I was the only car sliding about on the road. Sure enough, bald on the inside. So this time I took no chances and changed them in good time. Security and peace of mind are now mine to enjoy. I would urge you to check your tyres and do the same.

Where can I find a good local driving instructor in Nottingham?

Let's see some pictures of people who have passed their driving test.

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