Saturday, 29 March 2014

Customer Service Changed My Attitude!

Russ Chaplin Nottingham Driving Instructor

I simply can't miss driving lessons.

I wrote not so long ago about taking my car to a local garage for new brake pads fitting. As a Nottingham driving instructor I need to have my car back out on the road pronto. The fitting of the brake pads is a straight forward type job but problems led to me being off the road for 2 days and paying over two hundred pounds for something which wasn't my fault. I mean, that would make anyone feel a bit annoyed.
   I vowed inwardly to never return to the garage again. That changed when a horrible clanking sound started whenever the car jerked backwards or forwards. It was loud enough for my pupils to hear and make them worry. I wondered if it might be related to the brakes job and so called them to see if they'd have a look.
   I went down to the garage at 5.00 and they put my car on the ramp. Twas a dog end bolt or something that had come loose and was letting things move about. They tightened it there and then. I put a tenner in my pocket ready for the tip as the guy gave me my car back. As he went to shake my hand I went to give him said tenner and he refused. He remembered me from before and told me there was no charge owing to me being off the road so long last time. I went away a happy man.
   All this made me think about customer service and dealing with complaints. I am now happy to go back to that garage and would recommend them to anybody. I think if you deal with a complaint properly and show the customer you take them seriously then you forge a stronger bond than with someone who never had a complaint at all. I always try to deal with any disagreements with pupils, few and far between though they are, in a totally fair way. What you don't want is someone walking around in the world telling everyone that you're rubbish. Far better to lose a little time or money and have someone going around being your best advert. That's what I think.

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