Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Driving Test Pass for Henry Chen!


It's a happy day for Henry.

Well done to the young man pictured here. He passed his driving test at Beeston in Nottingham today with a very convincing drive. Only one driving fault was recorded during the test and if Henry hadn't rolled back during a hill start he would have had a perfect pass. He was disappointed at not keeping a clean sheet but none of that matters. He has done it and is now the proud owner of a full driving licence.
   Henry had a few lessons with me and had previously done a test some time ago. Things were a bit rusty at first but the improvements came quickly to bring things back up to standard.
   We did a lot of work on manoeuvres. This can be tricky if they have been learned previously with another instructor. Different methods and a change in the size and model of car can be more confusing than learning them the first time.
   We worked through them and just made some modifications to the original methods so they worked in my car. We reversed around some pretty tight uphill junctions to make sure Henry could handle anything that happened on the test. Following route signs was another area we worked on. In an unfamiliar area with multi-lane roundabouts this can be tricky. You've got to learn to spot the signs early enough so there's time to change lanes. 
   Henry put the work in and is now free to concentrate on his upcoming exams. All the best mate and I wish you every success for the future!

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