Saturday, 8 March 2014

What a Day for a Driving Test in Nottingham

driving test in Beeston Nottingham

It was a struggle but Tala did it in the end!

It's every driving instructor's nightmare. Missing a driving test. Late for a lesson is one thing but missing a test when your pupil is relying on you is quite another. Sometimes it's nobody's fault.
   The test centre at Beeston has got to be the worst possible location at the moment. Multiple road works on major roads mean that you don't know how traffic is going to be from one day to the next.
  I picked up Tala at 7.10 in the morning and we set off for a short practice on a roundabout that Tala does not like. With over half an hour to spare on a 10 minute journey we set off for the test. After 15 minutes we had moved approximately 100 metres. I was getting a tight feeling in my chest as I became more certain we weren't going to make it.
  When we got there I parked the car while Tala ran to the waiting room but to no avail. We were too late. What a nightmare. I dropped Tala off at her university and she got straight on to customer services in order to get another test. I was so surprised when she got a test appointment for 1.30 on that same day. I cancelled a lesson, picked up Tala and we set off to try again. 
  Success! after all the pressure and disappointment she came up with the goods and passed. I honestly don't think I've ever seen anyone look so happy as Tala did at the end of the test. What a day!

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