Monday 9 December 2013

A Lovely Drive to the Pub

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You Can't Beat a Sunday Drive

We had a fantastic drive out for a Sunday pub lunch yesterday. There's nothing like getting out of the house when you've just watched a Jason Statham film and your adrenaline is up as a result.
   Driving down to Burton Joyce is ideal after a week of teaching in the city. Nice to get a flow going after all the stop start stuff and the stalling.
  I even went so far as to offer my partner a commentary on my drive. It's a good way to check your driving skills are in order while simultaneously winding up and annoying your passenger. Ha.
I gave commentary on approaching hazards as well as the MSM routine being used. Made me feel all professional it did. Afterwards I had scampi and chips, Bev had the chicken salad. There were too many onion rings so we brought them home wrapped in a napkin. Nice afternoon all round.

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