Monday, 9 December 2013

Shirt and Tie? No Thanks!

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It's all about smart casual for me

I sometimes hear complaints from the old guard about the apparel and general presentation clothes wise of other driving instructors. However, in the modern age of guerrilla fashion statements and alternative outlook of our youth I find the shirt and tie look to be a tad officious when dealing with the general public.
   If I was just starting out learning to drive and felt a bit nervous then a shirt and tie is the last thing I would want to see. I would feel like a school child who may or may not be in trouble.
    I find a more casual approach to dress more appropriate for the teaching environment. It generates a more relaxed atmosphere in which learning can take place. It's a lot more I'm OK You're OK as the transactional analysts would put it.
   You can take this too far though. I saw an instructor wearing a vest to work and he had really hairy arms. Not a good look. Also the instructor with the red Mohican was a no in my book but the guy has since let it grow out. Wise move.

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