Sunday, 8 December 2013

Coming in to Land at the Supermarket

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Drivers thinking for themselves

So I'm driving to the supermarket along with other fully licensed grown up drivers. Just an ordinary day like any other. Imagine my surprise when I find a whole bunch of guys with large glow sticks waving me into land like I'm piloting an aircraft.
   Surely people are capable of entering the car park and finding a space on their own? It's not like the blokes looked interested or knew what they were doing. Had they had any training to take control of traffic or had Geoff from personnel just sent them out on a whim?
    I really don't like any kind of dumbing down when it comes to driving. Parking in a field at the music festival probably does need some organising but that's a different story. Once I remember the temporary traffic lights had broken down on a reasonably busy road. A couple of kids about 12 years old started to wave traffic through and the adult drivers actually obeyed! Zombies.

Where do you find intensive driving lessons Nottingham?

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