Saturday, 7 December 2013

Let's Have Proper L plates

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L plated must conform to requirements

I had to chuckle to myself the other day when I was down the local driving test centre. By local I mean the other side of our mean city. A guy turns up for his test in his own car. Fair enough I hear you say. It is says I but you must display L plates correctly to the front and rear.
   This guy had dodgy looking home made L plates on the bonnet and rear stuck to the car with brown packing tape. The tape was all over the plate making it not even square. We all know that the plates have to meet specific requirements which includes the amount of white space around the red L. These were nothing like and still the test went out.
   I have seen instructors roof boxes with plates that are too small and others partly obscured by the company phone number. Surely one could have ones vehicle insurance made void by not properly displaying L plates. Am I pedantic? Hell yes.

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