Monday, 9 December 2013

Learning to Drive? Bring the kids!

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It's all about real life driving

Some people put off learning to drive because they can't get childcare. Young single mums who may need to learn to drive may find this a particularly hard problem to get around. Why not just bring the baby along.
    I have had a few mums who have brought baby along to the lesson. There is nothing wrong with this at all. On the contrary, it's real life driving that I teach and ferrying kids about is real life driving. So long as the infant is placed in a proper car seat and the seat belt is properly secured around the seat then the child is in very little danger.
    If a child starts to cry or mess about then the situation can be dealt with calmly and under supervision. If a person has just passed their test and is confronted with a crying infant in the car it can be very stressful and lead to dangerous situations especially if the young driver panics.
   Much better to have dealt with this during driving lessons then it won't be so bad when you're on your own. Safe driving for life as they say.

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