Saturday, 28 December 2013

Driving Instructor Training in Nottingham

driving instructor training nottingham

Great session this morning

I love to conduct a bit of driving instructor training me. Had a good couple of hours this morning with Jeanette who has been training with another Nottingham driving school.
   She has her first attempt at the part three exam in a few weeks so time to pull everything together ready for the big push. We started by working through what I think is the hardest of the pre set tests which is moving off and stopping with mirror use. There is a lot of information to pass on to the pupil in this topic.
   It's important to ask questions during role play to find out who your pupil is. Make sure to find out what they did last lesson. In this case it was probably a controls lesson. Ask if they started the engine and found the biting point. This could save a lot of time.
   Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine is central to all the topics involved in driving so it's got to be well understood by the pupil. Take your time with this. Treat mirrors as a subject on it's own and check that the pupil knows where the blind spots are.
   Practising the talk through was a lot of fun. There's always scope for a laugh I find when teaching PDIs and this can really help get rid of those nerves. After a couple of tries we wrapped it up by practising the debrief. Make sure the pupil is actively involved in this.
   For light relief I turned into a guy who couldn't do roundabouts and never looked for signs. This lead to me breaking the speed limits. Not by much though cos we've got to keep it safe for the general public.


Where can I get help with ADI check test training in Nottingham?

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