Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Shades in Winter? You Bet!

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People who are learning to drive don't consider bringing along their sunglasses to driving lessons and often regret it after we are well away on the road. Winter sun is a problem as the sun is very low in the sky and glaring straight into your eyeballs. Shades can go a long way to making you more comfortable and increasing your level of safety.

For smaller people the pull down sun shade in the car does not come down low enough even if you crank the seat up to it's highest setting. No escape for you. After a while of squinting into the unceasing glare you will start to feel fatigue and perhaps even get a mild headache.

If the road is wet as it often is in winter then the problem is even worse. Road markings can be almost impossible to see in these conditions so take care at junctions. Cars will often keep headlights on if the sun is low but not every driver does. Brake lights are masked by the glare so keep a good following distance of two seconds. Sunglasses will be a real help here.

Some learners think you're not allowed to bring sunglasses to driving lessons because the instructor can't tell if you are checking your mirrors. This is nonsense. An experienced instructor can tell if you're using the mirrors by the way you drive. It's no good being blinded and uncomfortable on your lessons as this makes things unsafe.

When you've passed your test always keep a pair of shades in your car. If you wear normal glasses you'll need to make sure you get prescription sunglasses. Happy sunshine motoring.

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