Tuesday 17 December 2013

Well Dodgy!

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Swerving around the debris

My last driving lessons was well dodgy. It's one of those days where there just seems to be rubbish and debris all over the place. From plastic bags with mystery contents to dead animals and leaf mulch, there is so much to look out for. It can do so much damage to cars, especially to tyres and even to the steering if what you hit is big enough.
   Learner drivers really seem to have difficulty knowing where the tyres are on the road. This leads to people actually moving position so the tyres hit the stuff when they would have missed it had they done nothing at all.
   It's important to avoid hitting debris in the road as motorcyclists know only too well. When you move position be sure not to put anyone in danger by swerving in front of them and cutting down their road space. Check the door mirrors before moving as well in case you are being overtaken. Spot the debris early so you can move at a gentler angle and then pull back to the normal driving position.
  Make sure you avoid pot holes as well wherever possible. They can be invisible when it's been raining and they are full of water. Happy motoring on the smooth and well maintained highways of Britain.

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