Sunday 22 December 2013

Why I'm a Diamond Man

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It's good to keep up standards

It's a good thing for a driving instructor to be part of a professional association. It is probably worth checking if your instructor is a member of a group or association.
  One of the things that I have done is sign a code of professional conduct. This goes some way to reassure my pupils that I will maintain a good standard of professional behaviour at all times. I also like the teacher/pupil confidentiality clause. I don't like to hear instructors talk bad about their pupils when I'm sat at the test centre and it's not something I would do myself.
   Professional bodies also keep an instructor up to date with all the latest news within the industry. It's good to stay on top of all the changes that occur. As people who work alone it's easy for us to get left behind. Some of the topics in the news such as young drivers and client centred learning will shape the way that learners are taught in the future.
   Professional bodies often provide a path to further qualifications. I got my diploma in driving instruction and passed a few advanced driving tests with the DIA which qualify me as a Diamond Advanced Instructor. This helps me maintain a high standard of driver training at all levels.
   Yes, pupils and instructors alike can benefit from the advantages of membership to a professional association.

Why not take the Diamond Advanced Driving test?

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