Saturday, 14 December 2013

Colourful Cars

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It's all grey nowadays

I was watching this programme on the telly all about the rise of the German car industry and I thought to myself “aren't car colours getting boring these days?”

During the footage of British cars from the 1970s it was a cavalcade of colour out there on the road. All the primary colours were present and plenty of tertiary colours as well. I remember those two words from school. It may have looked naïve compared to today's cynical world outlook but at least you could make a choice and express yourself a bit.

I wanted a green car when I bought mine. Turned out they'd stopped doing it because nobody wanted it. Dark metallic green is a well smart colour for a car. I could have the usual silver (boring), dark metallic grey ( got that one) or denim blue (pants). Most cars on the road now are silver or grey which looks really depressing in a traffic jam. You get black and white as well but white only looks good if the car's clean. Other colours are a minority.

I used to work at a place that made car graphics kits. Older bods like me may remember the splashy stripes you could put down each side of your motor. Business stopped owing to lack of demand. They were a way to make your car truly yours without need for expensive modifications.

You would probably have difficulty fitting them now as the creases in the panels are all over the place and it's all about rounded edges in modern car design but that doesn't stop us having a bit more colour out there on the road.

Who do I call for an intensive driving course Nottingham?

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