Thursday 19 December 2013

Go Go Delivery Guy!

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The heat is on...

I was awoken early this morning by a delivery man knocking at the door. He was delivering a David Beckham calendar I got my mum for Christmas. Why she has developed this fascination for Becksy is beyond me, but I digress.
   There are a lot of delivery vans speeding around at the moment. It's that time of year and time is running out before the big day. I did a stint as a delivery driver when I was training to be a driving instructor and I can tell you the pressure to meet deadlines is huge.
   I managed to hit a bus stop and crack the windscreen during one incident. On another occasion I drove under a bridge that wasn't quite high enough for the van and busted the roof in. On both these occasions I had got behind in my deliveries and lost my temper. It's so important to remain calm behind the wheel even when you're up against the clock.
   It can be tempting to squeeze through the amber light, push it over the speed limit or any number of things that feel like they save time. In fact there is very little to be gained from these types of risks. Better to keep calm and know your route.
   Be prepared for delivery vans to slow down or pull over suddenly. A driver looking for an address may speed up and slow down somewhat erratically as they try to read door numbers. Leave them enough room and remember they are in a rush. It's tough being a delivery guy.

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