Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Watch Out For Those Dustbin Men

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Slow down near the truck

It's always an interesting situation with new drivers when they first encounter the dustbin wagon on their driving lessons. Being confronted with a blocked road especially if there are parked cars all over the place can be a daunting experience for the newbie.
   You've got to consider the level of danger these guys are exposed to during the working day. They constantly move in and out from the rear of the van, not appearing to the motorist until the last second sometimes and without warning. They cross the road non stop dragging the bins as well so you've got to look ahead and plan your drive early.
    Scan the road and see if there are any workers in the road, they will usually be towards the rear of the van but may sometimes get ahead of it. If you are approaching from the front of the lorry then be prepared for them to step out at any moment. These guys are busy and tend to work fast so nice and slow passed the lorry leaving as much room as possible and have your foot covering the brake just in case.
   Spare a thought for the driver and leave space for the lorry to pull in after it has moved forward. These are large vehicles and it takes a lot of skill to squeeze down the narrow streets without damaging anything. If you know your rubbish is being collected the next day on your street then fold in your door mirrors the night before. Those extra few inches of space make all the difference.

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