Saturday 7 December 2013

Paranoid Car Listener

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Listening for potential disasters

I'm what you might call a car listener. I listen very closely to all those tiny noises a car makes as it gets more worn as the time flies by. If I discover a new noise then I'm all ears and concentration as I try to figure out where the sound might be coming from and if it's serious.

It mat be a clunk from in the boot. Could be anything. Could be my foot pump moving about or it could be my exhaust about to fall off. Why do I get different sounds from going over speed bumps? Sometimes it's a horrible thunk like the shock absorber is about to spring out and at other times silence. Seems worse on a morning before the old girl has limbered up.

What is that thud that sometimes comes from the front nearside wheel? Is it the brake discs that are loose or is it the cv joint about to give way? Perhaps it's nothing and I should ignore it but I can't cos I'm a car listener.

A pupil of mine said her friends car began making a screeching noise one night. The solution? Turn up the radio loud. Maybe I should be more like that!

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