Friday, 27 December 2013

Time Those Signals Properly

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Don't Mislead other folk.

It's been a funny old week for the indicators on my car. Timing of the indicator signals has been an issue on most of the driving lessons I have done. Yes, I know it's been Christmas and I should have had some time off but driving instruction ain't a normal job.
   Mistiming of signals can have a big impact on the way other motorists respond to your intentions. If you fail to notice a junction before the one where you intend to turn you can mislead people by signalling too early. They will think you want to turn at the first junction and pull out in front of you depending on the situation. Put on the signal after passing the first junction.
   It's just as bad to signal too late. This can be an issue with learner drivers when changing lanes. They will sometimes stare into the door mirror for ages waiting for a gap before they signal. Other drivers cannot read your mind and don't know that you want to change lanes until you signal. In this case the signal acts as a request to be let in so get it on early then wait for a gap.
   Forgotten which exit you are supposed to be taking at the roundabout? Look at the dash to see which way you are indicating. That will remind you. Always a bit funny when that happens on a lesson. You've got to have a laugh.

Where can I get courses for older drivers in Nottingham?

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