Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I Like Washing My Own Car

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You can't move nowadays for car wash businesses. These have boomed recently with one set up on every disused petrol station in the land. They show initiative and are a good use of spaces that would otherwise be left abandoned. Some are becoming very professionally organised with gazebo type structures for cover and eye catching signs.

I've never been to one though cos I love to wash my own car. It's amazing how long some people will sit in the queue to get it done. I suppose it's good for people who live in flats and don't have the space to do it themselves.

There's nothing like getting the mats out and hoovering round all the nooks and crannys. Brush off those mats and get the dust out. Cleaning the windows on the inside to prevent smears when they mist up is an absolute treat. Wipe the dashboard down lovingly with some baby wipes.

Time for the wheels now. Rinse off those alloys and apply the wheel cleaner. Don't squirt directly on to the wheel though or you'll get it all over the brakes. They will start to squeal when braking as you take away the grease. Instead squirt it onto a pan scrubber brush and work it in. Nice.

Top up screen wash and check the oil while you're there. Might as well be thorough. On with the wash and wax. Mmmmm. Getting up a good lather to cut through the grease and grime is wonderful. Rinse off with a watering can and wipe down with a micro fibre cloth. Stand back and admire your own handiwork.

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