Saturday 7 December 2013

What about Them Leaves?

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They're blowing everywhere.

It's time for the leaves to fall from the trees and blow around all over the road. Good news is they've all gone from my garden. Well, most of them anyway. Bad news is they're all over the road.
   Add a touch of rain or frost to the mix and you've got a slip slide surface which just does not go down well with learner drivers. Hard to see the kerb when you're trying to reverse round a corner as well.
I've even pulled a few out from the engine compartment. Hard to remove as they have dried up in there and turned all brittle and crumbly. I'm a sucker for a tidy engine compartment though so I'll pick at them until they come out.
   A strong gust of wind and pupils start to watch them fly across the windscreen and try to follow them. Plays havoc with the steering. I suppose they will all be swept away soon. Or covered with snow.

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