Sunday, 15 December 2013

You Need Some Sensible Shoes

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Title is from a song by David Lee Roth

He used to be in Van Halen when they were somebody.
   Anyway. Clutch control is one of the most difficult and disliked tasks for new drivers. It requires precision movement and a certain sensitivity. You're not going to be able to do that if you're not wearing reasonable footwear.
    The things I've seen on people's feet when they're learning to drive is quite amazing. I've got to wonder what they were thinking. The worst are those Herman Munster type shoes with the thick crepe soles. There is no way you're going to have any feeling of pedal movement in those. it's no use wearing them and then complaining that moving off is difficult. It just don't add up.
   One person was keen to try in flip flops. it can get warm in summer but this is not the beach. This is driving and foot wear must be fit for purpose. High heels look good but put your ankle at a weird angle so again not ideal.
   If you like to express your personality by way of shoes it's worth keeping a pair of driving shoes in the car at all times. Something flat with a sole that's not too thick so you can feel pedal movement. Once you get used to a certain pair it seems you'll always drive better in them. hey may even put you in a safe driving mood.

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