Saturday, 14 December 2013

What Does SLOW Mean?

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It means slow...

I am often asked by pupils why the road markings on the road say Slow. This is not as daft a question as it may seem. Often the slow markings appear on national speed limit roads. Why not make the speed limit lower instead? I hear you cry.
    According to the official Know Your Traffic Signs book the slow marking is normally associated with a hazard and accompanied by an upright sign. It would be confusing to have a speed limit that constantly changed every time there was some kind of hazard. The Slow marking provides a solution to this problem.
   Best thing to do is ask yourself why the Slow marking is there every time you see it. his will prompt you to actively scan the road ahead and look for the associated hazard. Once the hazard is seen then you can plan an appropriate course of action and incorporate it into your driving plan.
   That was a bit wordy wasn't it? Just bear in mind you should always be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear so if there's a bend ahead or the road narrows check mirrors and slow down.
    Slow could mean any number of speeds so it's up to you as the driver to choose one where you can get past the danger area safely. Once you're past and the road opens up feel free to speed up to the limit again. Happy motoring.

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