Thursday 12 December 2013

Why I Love My Skoda

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4 in a row and still going strong

Yes that's right. I've had 4 Skoda Fabias in a row now and I may have four more yet. It's a smashing car for teaching and learning to drive in. Like a Tardis there's tons of room inside a small body.
   The gearbox is an absolute joy. You can move the gearstick by simply blowing on it. Okay that's a lie but it is super smooth and easy to use. Some pupils can be a bit heavy handed with it, especially if they are used to a different car. You should never need to look at the gearstick when changing gears. Let your hand do the work.
    Dead reliable is the humble Skoda. I'm out there all day every day with very little time off the road. I hear a few horror stories from other driving instructors about things going wrong with their cars. Apart from servicing I'm never off the road.
   It's a car that can accommodate the largest to the smallest of people. I'm over six feet tall and I can stretch out and even fall asleep in there in laybys when I have a spare hour and I'm a bit tired. Small people can jack the seat right up, move it forward and have no difficulty reaching all the controls.
   It has a nice European feel to the styling as well. Looking smart on the road even with the roof box on. You're in your car all day in my game so it's got to be right.

Where can I get refresher driving lessons Nottingham?

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