Sunday, 15 December 2013

Can't Replace a Headlight Bulb?

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Yes, I'm aware they're called headlamps.

I'm all for user serviceability in a vehicle. Which is to say I think it's a bad thing when it's impossible to change a headlight bulb quickly and easily without tools.
   More and more modern cars make it increasingly difficult to reach the headlight bulbs. Some models require removal of the front bumper in order to replace them. I think this is poor design and there ought to be a law against it. Bulbs are basic safety items which cost very little to buy.
    It's a fact of life that the bulbs blow without warning at any time. Most of us who have been driving for some time will have experienced this. It should only be a two minute job to sort it. In some countries it is a legal requirement to carry a spare bulb kit. Little use if like me you would have difficulty removing and replacing a bumper.
    it's a driving instructor's nightmare when a bulb goes just before a test. The examiner would allow a minute or two for a bulb to be replaced before cancelling the test so it's imperative this can be done. They're not going to stand around while you get the toolkit out are they? Make sure you know how to replace your bulbs.

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