Friday 20 December 2013

Think Drivng Is Easy and It Will Be

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If you believe it's hard you're in for a tough ride.

I sometimes teach people to drive who have no shortage of ability yet continue to struggle. They tend to dread their driving lessons and are already wound up and nervous before they even start.
   With an approach like this it would be difficult to learn anything. If you look at a guitar and think 'That looks really hard. What a lot of work and struggle it would be to play that' then you can guarantee it will be. If on the other hand you look at the guitar and think 'That would be a lot of fun. Reckon I'd enjoy that' then chances are you would get a lot further.
   Do the same with learning to drive. Imagine yourself driving around after you have passed the test. Look at the people you know who can drive. Are they superhumans? No. If they can do it then you can do it too.
   Take a more playful approach with the controls. Don't be afraid to stall now and then and if you do just forget about it and carry on. Your instructor is there to make sure things stay safe so feel free to enjoy your lesson. Pretty soon you'll be motoring along with no effort at all. Go for it!

Info about the driving test for learner drivers.

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