Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Driving Test Pass Today!

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Well done Hossein Mowahedi

What a way to start your Christmas holiday. Big cheers for Hossein Mowahedi who passed his driving test today at Beeston test centre here in Nottingham.
   It's been quite a journey for the guy. He has been driving on an international license while working as a security guard all over the place. He puts in a lot of miles and drives on the motorways regularly.
   We worked hard to get Hossein using the MSM system of driving you need to get a licence. After a few goes round the busy multi lane roundabouts he soon got the hang of them.
   Manoeuvres were never a problem, they went smooth as silk. Hossein is now free to pursue his next career move and has many years of motoring before him. Well done mate and all the best for the new year!

Where can I get help with the extended driving test in Nottingham?

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