Sunday 8 December 2013

My Car is My Restaurant

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No time for the café

Like many of my driving instructor brothers and sisters I simply don't have the time to take a lunch break and visit a food emporium. If I did that I'd be working until midnight just to pay my gas bill. That's an exaggeration.
   Nevertheless I like to get the most lesson time out of the day so I take a packed lunch. I like a couple of sarnies made with a deli filler and a packet of crisps. They can be a pain cos I have to exit the car and dust the crumbs off me in case the next pupil thinks I'm a scummer.
  I'll usually follow that with a few biscuits I keep in a food bag. These double as a mid morning snack as I'm usually hungry by then. Fruit is the last thing to be eaten but that's true of anybody. An apple and a banana keep me going to early evening.
   Those café bills can add up over the course of a week. I've worked with some blokes in the past who think nothing of spending 20 odd quid a week at the greasy spoon. Too rich for my blood.

Where can I get an intensive driving course in Nottingham?

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