Tuesday 10 December 2013

Parking On The Pavement

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I rode out on a test the other day with a guy from overseas who just won't have lessons cos he thinks he can drive. He can make the car move but that's only a small part of proper driving.

Anyway, he was asked to pull up at the side of the road in a safe and convenient place. When he did so he pulled up about a foot on to the pavement, 2 wheels on 2 wheels off. Needless to say this was an issue on the test and the examiner asked the candidate what difference being another foot into the road it would make if he parked properly.

The answer in real life is a lot of difference. There are many areas in Nottingham that have streets that were never meant to carry the volume of traffic that they do and there is absolutely nowhere to park. If you don't park part way up the kerb then there is no room for a car to get through. If a car can't get through then neither can an ambulance or a fire engine. People could be in real trouble while everyone comes out to shift their cars.

Common sense rules in driving so if you do need to park half and half just make sure you look for pedestrians first and take it slowly so as not to damage tyres or steering. Make sure you do leave enough room for pedestrians to safely use the pavement and fold your door mirrors in. Do not park on the pavement during driving tests though as strictly speaking it is illegal.

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